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Privacy policy

This privacy policy provides general information about the processing of personal data when you visit our website and/or use any of our administrative services through it. We collect only those personal data that are necessary to accomplish our legal tasks and powers.

Controller of personal data collections

The personal data controller is the Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water Services of the Republic of Northern Macedonia: ERC), with headquarters at ul. Macedonia 25, Skopje, Republic of Northern Macedonia.

What are your rights?

ERC is an independent regulatory body, established in 2003 as a legal entity that regulates issues related to the performance of energy and water activities defined by law.

Personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Whose data do we collect?

We can collect data related to the following categories of persons:

  • Visitors to our website www.erc.org.mk. We typically collect navigation data (see below) which is used to analyze data from visits to our website as well as to maintain information security on our website. For more on cookie use, read our cookie policy.
  • Individuals in connection with the Question Module and the Newsletter Registration Module. These modules contain information about the identity (Name and surname and email) of the submitter of the question and personal data of other persons involved in the question that is required to act in accordance with our powers set forth in the Energy Law. In any case, this requested data has a limited scope (such as first and last name and email) and is closely related to the professional activities of the controller.
  • Persons seeking access to public information based on the Law on Free Access to Public Information. To process the requests for access to information, the submitters are required to submit certain data, based on the Law on Free Access to Public Information.

Categories of data to be processed

  1. Navigation data

When visiting our website server, logs are created for each visitor with the following data:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address;
  • The device you are accessing from, type and model;
  • Your operating system;
  • Browser type, plugins, and version;
  • The pages you visit on our website and the time you spend on each page;
  • The URL of the page that redirected you to our website and, in some cases, the terms you used in your attempt to find the ERC page;
  • The language of the browser you are using;
  • Country (specified via IP address).

Server logs are automatically deleted within 15 days, unless circumstances require a longer stay, for example, to investigate a virus or malicious attack.

We carry out all activities on the website internally, including the logs that are created and the analysis of the data that is transmitted from the visits to our website.

  1. Data that users voluntarily submit

The personal data we collect from your visit to our website are those that you voluntarily submit for specific purposes, in order to enable us to exercise our powers of consultation, licensing, decisions, and approvals (including data required for compliance). legal and regulatory requirements), such as asking questions and/or opinions on various issues in the field of energy and water services, providing feedback, submitting requests and initiatives to conduct an inspection or request/question to any other administrative service from ERC.

We can collect any of the following categories of personal data: name and surname, email. Our Annual Reports usually provide statistics on the number of applications and/or initiatives submitted to the ERC, in a form that does not reveal one's identity.

Your rights regarding the processing of personal data are:

  • the right to be informed about the processing of personal data
  • right of access to personal data
  • the right to correct and delete personal data
  • the right to restrict the processing of personal data
  • right to object

For additional information and/or exercising your rights to personal data protection, you can contact our personal data protection officer Marko Filipovski at the following e-mail: marko.filipovski@erc.org.mk.

Right to submit a request to the Agency for Personal Data Protection - AZLP

If you consider that the way www.erc.org.mk processes your personal data violates the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection, you can submit a request to the LPDP as a supervisory body, in accordance with Article 97 of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

The request can be submitted in any way through the contact information published in the CONTACT section.

Change the privacy policy

The privacy policy will be regularly changed and supplemented in accordance with the changes and our activities.