Complaints against ERC Acts
Individual acts of the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia can be appealed against to the Appeals Commission for Energy-Relating Complaints. A lodged complaint, however, does not postpone the execution of a decision taken by the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia.
The Appeals Commission comprises of three members and their deputies. The members, one of whom is the President, and the deputies are appointed and dismissed by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, having considered the proposal by its Committee on Election and Appointment Issues.
The Appeals Commission takes its decisions by a majority vote of the total number of members.
While dealing with a particular case, if a member, or their deputy, happen to have a personal interest in the decision on the lodged complaint, he or she shall be exempted from the work of the Commission and shall be substituted by one of the deputies. A member, or their deputy, is considered to have a personal interest in the matter if he or she, their spouse, or first-line next-of-kin is a stock owner, shareholder or employed in the companies involved in the case subject to the appeals procedure.
The injured party may commence administrative proceedings at the Administrative Court of the Republic of Macedonia against the decision taken by the Appeals Commission within 30 days there from.